Michael F. Delaney

Practice Lead, Building Sciences

Michael serves as the Building Sciences Practice Lead at Mabbett, strategically leading and managing the group and providing project management, technical oversight and hands-on regulated building material (RBM) assessments, abatement design and construction administration services.  He manages a diverse team of industrial hygiene professionals that includes certified and licensed asbestos inspectors, management planners, designers, project monitors, lead inspectors and indoor air quality (IAQ) professionals.

Michael has over twenty years of experience in RBM and has designed over $5M of hazardous materials abatement and regularly serves as a Project Manager on complex Federal contracts with the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), as well as National Laboratories and private clients.

Personal Touch

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with family, especially weekend trips up to Maine for some quality time outdoors. Some of my best memories have been on summer road trips where I’ve been fortunate enough to have visited the most amazing places. My greatest joys in life consist of watching my kids grow and succeed, finding the next project around the house, shooting some hoops, and a nice night out with my wife.

Contact Michael at delaney@mabbett.com


BA American History
Asbestos Inspector (NY 02-16232, CT 00328, MA AI031436, ME AI-0584, RI AAC-0842IS)
Asbestos Management Planner (NY 02-16232, CT 00328, MA AP000048, ME MP-0181, RI AAC-0842MP)
Asbestos Designer (NY, 02-16232, CT 000326, MA AD000020)

Michael F. Delaney, Building Sciences