Mabbett® Provides COVID-19 Safe Re-Opening Support

Mabbett is working to help schools safely reopen for the fall semester. We are providing ongoing COVID-19 safety support to a large regional school district in Massachusetts.

We have completed on-site assessments of planned safety protocols, including a review of classroom set-ups, repurposing of shared spaces, cleaning products, protective equipment, and faculty and staff training. We compared the district’s planned protocols and processes to guidance issued by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), requirements from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and industry-specific guidance and best practices. We also assessed cleaning products and provided expert guidance on efficacy against COVID-19 and required protective equipment. Our recommendations will be used to help the school district operate safely, inform faculty and staff, and provide a quality learning experience for its students in these uncertain times. The district has also retained Mabbett to provide surface sampling to detect the presence of COVID-19 after the school year resumes.

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