Saluting and Honoring our Military Veterans

On November 11, 2020 we’ll once again celebrate Veterans Day by remembering those brave men and women who’ve served our country to either preserve the union or defend it against foreign foe. I remember my great adopted grandfather Captain Alonzo Lorenzo Mabbett who fought to preserve the union and end slavery in the civil war and who lost his right arm in the battle of Port Hudson, Louisiana. He came from a long line of Quakers, staunch abolitionists who played a key role as Conductors of the Underground Railroad in upstate New York. These brave men and women are our “Greatest Generation”. For those who are deceased, may their memories be eternal!

We tend to lose sight of the fact that as Americans we’ve had to fight for peace and freedom on a regular basis, as unfortunate as that is. However, our actions as Americans have not only preserved our country but we have also brought democracy, peace and freedom to many other nations that were previously ruled by dictators, tyrants, communists, fascists, Emperors, etc.

I wish to thank all Mabbett employees, our business associates, and friends who have served or continue to serve in the US Military. Thank you so very much for your personal service and sacrifice on behalf of all of us and this great nation. Mabbett® is a Veteran Friendly Employer and will continue to seek out and provide veterans with enhanced employment opportunities.

At a time of increased civil unrest, let’s pause for a moment and reflect on the fact that we are all Americans and we should be able to respectively agree to disagree. The various US Military Services reflect the diversity and strength of America. Let us thank them for the example they set as they are a reflection of our society.

It is often said that “All gave some and some gave all”.  May we all remember that freedom isn’t free and that others have or continue to serve this great nation so that we have the right of free speech; assembly; a democracy of, by and for the people; and a nation were all men and women are created equal. Let us pause for a moment, reflect upon and honor those who have or continue to serve this great nation. We can never forget their sacrifice on behalf of all of us and future generations. May God bless all our veterans and the United States of America.

Best wishes,


A message from Arthur Mabbett, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mabbett & Associates, Inc.


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