Mabbett is Awarded a General Services Administration (GSA) National Capitol Region (NCR) Contract

Mabbett & Associates, Inc. (Mabbett)  is excited to announce the award of a $834K General Services Administration (GSA) National Capitol Region (NCR) contract to perform environmental, health and safety, and life safety surveys of over 80 GSA-NCR government buildings in metro Washington DC representing over 18 million square feet.   The surveys which will be performed over the next 12 months address: fire protection, facility safety and health, industrial hygiene, and environmental management.  The assessments are intended to help ensure a safe and healthful work environment for Federal employees, contractors, and the visiting public.  In addition, Mabbett will also be performing health and safety surveys of 28 GSA-NCR Child Development Centers.  The contract is primarily being supported by Mabbett’s office in Alexandria, VA. 

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