Mabbett Awarded General Services Administration (GSA) National Capital Region (NCR) 5-year Contract

Mabbett & Associates, Inc. (Mabbett®) is pleased to announce the award of a 5-year, $11M General Services Administration (GSA) National Capitol Region (NCR) contract to perform environmental, health and safety, and life safety surveys of hundreds of GSA-NCR government buildings in metro Washington DC. More than 300,000 federal workers in the Washington, DC, area rely on GSA-NCR’s staff to provide safe and healthy work spaces.  GSA-NCR manages approximately 688 buildings in Washington, DCMaryland, and Northern Virginia, including seventy historic buildings and six national landmarks. These 184 federally-owned buildings comprise 41 million rentable square feet (RSF), while 504 leased buildings comprise 55.4 million RSF managed by GSA.

Mabbett has been serving GSA-NCR continuously since 2010. The surveys that Mabbett will performing  under this new contract evaluate: fire protection, facility safety and health, industrial hygiene, indoor air quality, and environmental management. In addition, Mabbett will also be performing annual health and safety and life safety risk management surveys of 28 GSA-NCR Child Development Centers. The assessments of GSA-NCR owned and leased buildings will be performed by a team of GSA-NCR experienced Certified Safety Professionals, Professional Engineers, Certified Playground Safety Inspectors, and Certified Hazardous Materials Managers. The surveys are intended to help ensure a safe and healthy work environment for federal employees, contractors, and the visiting public in GSA-NCR properties. Reports and survey findings are entered into a GSA database by Mabbett. The contract will primarily be supported by Mabbett’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Office in Alexandria, VA. 

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