Mabbett Wins Contract for Industrial Hygiene Audits throughout VA VISN 4

Mabbett was recently awarded and began work on a contract to conduct Comprehensive Industrial Hygiene (IH) Audits at nine VA Medical Centers (VAMCs) in Pennsylvania and Delaware. Mabbett’s Certified Safety Professionals (CSPs) and Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIHs) are tasked with evaluating IH programs at the VAMCs and their associated clinics. Our team conducts a pre-audit meeting to provide information about the upcoming visit and to gain an understanding of each VAMC’s unique operations. We then spend several days on-site, depending on the size and complexity of the facility, observing operations, reviewing documentation, and conducting interviews. We evaluate the VAMC staff’s potential exposures to chemicals, hazardous materials like asbestos and lead, noise, temperature extremes, bloodborne pathogens, hazardous drugs, etc., and we assess operations such as research, operating rooms, pest management, confined space entries, and hazardous waste operations. We also review the programs and procedures the VAMC has in place to protect its personnel. Our well-qualified team makes recommendations and suggestions to improve the IH program at each facility, and engages in coaching and mentoring of VAMC Safety and IH staff as needed and as requested. At the conclusion of each audit, we prepare a written report that the VAMC can use to track our findings to completion and closure.

We appreciate the opportunity to further our relationship with the VA and to help protect its staff while they complete their critical mission of caring for our veterans.

VISN 4 Map
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