Jason T. Lorenzetti, PE

Practice Lead, Site Assessment & Remediation / Mid-Atlantic Regional Office Manager

Jason Lorenzetti, PE, serves as Practice Lead for Mabbett’s Site Assessment and Restoration (SAR) practice. As Practice Lead, Jason is responsible for leading project delivery efforts, developing and maintaining our technical excellence, providing mentorship to our staff, and heading up our SAR business development. Jason brings twenty years’ experience managing hazardous waste sites, conducting CERCLA investigations, risk assessments, designing and implementing site remedies to protect human health and the environment. He has extensive experience providing technical expertise and solutions to remote sites in the United States and abroad, with a focus on environmental impact in developing counties in Sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia.

Jason manages a highly skilled team of environmental engineers, professional geologists, environmental scientists, and environmental technicians. His projects focus on assessing impacts from historical operations and disposal activities, determining the nature of identified hazardous wastes, and the potential for those hazards to impact human health and ecological receptors in the area. Specializing in the CERCLA program and supporting state cleanup programs, Jason coordinates with federal agencies, the EPA, state regulators, and community stakeholders to identify hazards, develop a plan to remedy the impacts, and implement the cleanup.

Our SAR Practice under Jason’s leadership blends multiple technical skill sets, including toxicology, multi-media sampling, geotechnical investigations, hydrogeological modeling, Geographical Information system (GIS) based assessment and analysis, human health and ecological risk assessments, waste characterization and management, and remedial design and implementation.

Jason leads our coordination with and service to the United States Forest Service, the Agricultural Research Service, and supports our programs with the USACE Baltimore, USACE New England, US Department of Veteran Affairs, the US EPA, state agencies, and our technical partners and clients.

With his team, Jason also supports Mabbett’s Engineering and Infrastructure (E&I), and Environmental Compliance & Safety and Health (EC&SH) Groups with inspections, site assessments, permitting support, SPCC plans, impact assessment, and land use control programs amongst other projects.

Personal Touch

I spend my free time camping, hiking, and kayaking the Mid-Atlantic, while winter brings cross-country skiing in Appalachia with my family. Coming from West Virginia, I spent my childhood on the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers and exploring the regional National Parks, National Forests, and Wildlife Refuges open for camping. As my father, a former engineer with EPA, showed us the joys of camping, fishing, and boating; I now have the opportunity to explore the same places with my child. When not in the woods, I spend as much time traveling as possible. Hiking in South America, seeing both new and old Europe, and working and living in Sub-Saharan Africa has given me a greater appreciation for the environmental and humanitarian challenges we face. My experience allowed me to staff projects in Sumatra, Indonesia, work in Ougadugo, Burkina Faso, and work on drinking water projects in Rwanda for displaced peoples. Now and then, I indulge my love of chemistry with brewing and winemaking, a family tradition with mixed results through the years.

Contact Jason at lorenzetti@mabbett.com 


MS, Civil/Environmental Engineering
BS, Civil Engineering
Professional Engineer (VA)

Jason T. Lorenzetti, PE, Site Assessment