Mabbett has been awarded EBJ’S 2022 Business Achievement Award: Small Firms!

Mabbett was recognized for establishing Mabbett & Associates Ltd in 1996, building, operating, and recently transitioning one of the largest environmental, health and safety, planning, design, and development practices in Scotland, the North of England and Northern Ireland. Arthur N. Mabbett, Founder and previous Chairman, sold his controlling stock interest in Mabbett & Associates Ltd to GEG Capital Ltd in a deal announced in September 2022. Mabbett commented that the Mabbett & Associates Ltd history offers a “good case study of entrepreneurship (starting an overseas company in the UK from scratch), strategic growth and expansion, and then successfully transitioning the firm to a new owner that allowed the firm to grow further due to access to enhanced capital.” The UK-based firm grew its staff from 44 to 115 in around 18 months – a 160% increase – and grew revenues from £3,570,000 ($4,284,000) in 20200 to £7,900,000 ($9,480,000) in 2022 – a 220% increase.

The 2022 EBJ awards will be presented live and in-person at the EBJ Business Achievement Awards banquet at Environmental Industry Summit XXI on March 22-24, 2022, in San Diego, along with CCBJ Business Achievement, Lifetime Achievement and 50-Year Company anniversary awards.

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